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mobile share

With iMobileShare™ feedback technology you have access to over 1 million consumers on the go, who are equipped with their mobile devices, to gain feedback about your brand and products. Mobile technology has quickly and dramatically transformed consumer behavior from simply how they interact with people to how they interact with your brand, your products and services.

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swipe right

SwipeRight™ is a cutting-edge methodology for testing advertising and product concepts. It incorporates advanced predictive analytics and wisdom of crowds to directly measure consumers’ immediate emotional appeal which is in important predictor of in-market performance.

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chat scraper

Chatscraper™ is a social media listening tool that can find publicly posted online content, such as social media posts, news articles, and blogs to track a category or brand in real-time. With consumers spending more and more time connected online and using social media, keeping tabs on the chatter online is imperative for brand management.

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precision point

PrecisionPoint™ is a blended quantitative and qualitative research model encompassing innovative, real-time, and mixed method approaches to accelerate learning and promote team alignment. It provides a robust “back room” experience, accelerates learning, and promotes team alignment

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Clip™ Ad Test is a proprietary blend of communication testing metrics with a normative database for comparison that will test ad concepts with a sample of your market to check communication, likeability, impact, and persuasion – to make your ads more effective and get the most bang for marketing dollars.

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Lens™ is an unfiltered view into how the brand, product or category is perceived by consumers and uses qualitative and quantitative services to optimize opportunities and maximize results. Custom options generate deep insights for confident decision-making.

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market view

MarketView360™ can map a brand’s current market position against competitors to prioritize markets for growth and reveal strategies to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Take a strategic look at your company and its marketing process with our MarketView360™ program.

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map trac

MapTrac™ is an advertising tool that was designed to specifically help companies maximize advertising and marketing investment by targeting the optimum customer in the most efficient way. Looking for top line growth? Don’t waste your advertising dollars, get precise targeting.

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win loss

Win/Loss™ program impacts the marketing and sales process at every step in the sales campaign and provides actionable insight. Learning what went right and what went wrong provides instant feedback the entire organization can learn from. Our executive interviewers know how to uncover the specific details your team needs to know from each win or loss.

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Market Landscape Segmentation™ is a segmentation model that combines survey data with big data, including customer profiles and their behavior-based sources, to provide findable segments.

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iShareBoard™ takes advantage of threaded “bulletin board” technology. The participants log in at times, and from locations, that are convenient to them. They answer questions posted by a moderator while reading and responding to other participants’ comments.

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PersonaSmart™ is an innovative way of linking personality to decision-making and behavior in healthcare, healthy eating at home and out in the world, nutrition, personal care and beauty, pet care – in fact, in any activity to do with health and wellness

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