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Market Research Segmentation

We are a leader in large and small scale segmentation. We are innovators in the techniques used, but more importantly, we are reliable guides and coaches through the process.

Segmentation needs to be founded on a solid marketing process; we ask the penetrating questions up front to ensure that your project goes well and produces an actionable result.

Our Segmedica® division has proprietary tools that include a cutting-edge, Needs-Based segmentation consisting of:

  • Proven batteries of psychometric questions and images.
  • Customizable segmentation software.
  • Multi-phasic questioning: a methodology for enabling us to manage large-choice models with relatively few questions and achieve sharper segmentation.
  • Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) to enable us to combine qualitative and quantitative inputs as well segment non-homogeneous populations.
  • Methodologies for segmenting professionals and consumers together to add additional insights, especially around compliance.

These segmentations result in rich, personality-based segment descriptions which bring the segments alive in a very real way and provide guidance for optimal positioning and communication. Whether you need to segment professionals, providers, payers, or consumers, we are the logical choice.

To refine your consumer targets and understand what types of consumers contribute most to your brand, integrate the Natural Marketing Institute’s custom segmentations. The Natural Marketing Institute® is a division of Research America and their Four Segmentations, 1 Million+ Consumers, overlaid since 2007:

  • Health & Wellness
  • Sustainability (LOHAS)
  • Organic
  • Whole Living

We provide Custom Segmentation of syndicated databases based on your specific needs. You choose the specific consumer groups and topics to extract usable data insights, generate new ideas, support current activities and maximize opportunities. Our consumer lifestyle segmentation and segments are research supported and trended over 21 years. The consumer profiles spotlight understandings, behaviors, loyalties and more.

  • Category and brand purchase cycles, switching behavior, trial and repeat
  • Retail channels and stores shopped, including basket ring, shopping frequency, and more Use with product testing to provide a consistent view from new product development and optimization, through promotion!

Linkage Applications: includes HomeScan, Spectra, Prizm and many other SLMS applications for more precise consumer targeting based on retailer/trade area profiles, media habits and more.

  • Over 60,000 households scored to each segmentation
  • Alignment with Prizm clusters
  • Longitudinal view since 2007

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