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Agriculture Market Research

Research America conducts agriculture market research for this critical industry with the intention of improving conditions while preserving an important American way of life.

During 2022-2030, projected global growth is roughly in line with rates achieved during the pre-pandemic era, but is insufficient to return global levels of aggregate demand to those projected prior to the pandemic. An important driver of demand for agricultural products, real GDP growth in a developing country, is expected to continue to outpace developed country growth and average 4.4 percent annually during 2022-30, compared with an average of 2.3 percent for developed countries. This growth will occur while the industry struggles with challenges such as food safety, crop monitoring and the introduction of other new technologies, foreign tariffs, labor constraints, and attracting new people to the industry.

Research America has extensive experience serving a variety of agri-business market segments, from machinery, seed, and crop production to livestock and food processing:

  • Farming Types
    • Row, Forage, and Specialty Crops
      • Corn, Soybeans, Wheat/Barley/Oats, Sunflowers, Canola, Cotton, Potatoes
      • Hay and Silage
      • Fruit trees, Nuts, Grapes, Vegetables
      • Seed
      • Crop Protection
    • Livestock
      • Beef Cattle
      • Dairy
      • Poultry
      • Sheep
      • Swine
  • Agri-Business Respondents
    • Growers (Row Crops, Grains, Hay, etc.)
    • Livestock Producers / Feedlots / Cow-Calf Operations
    • Dairy Farmers
    • Fruit / Vegetable Growers
    • Ranchers
    • Custom Applicators
    • Custom Harvesters
    • Nurseries / Greenhouses
    • Dealers
    • Crop Consultants
    • Veterinarians
    • Vineyards
    • Turf Professionals-Golf Course Superintendents
  • Nursery
  • Golf and Turf Management

Our team of Agriculture Market Researchers has extensive experience in conducting hundreds of studies on a long array of equipment/technology, such as:

  • Self-Propelled Equipment
    • Tractors
    • Combines
    • Sprayers / Floaters
    • Windrowers
    • Air Carts
    • Forage Harvesters
    • Grape Harvesters
    • Utility Vehicles
  • Implements
    • Front Loaders
    • Fertilizer Spreaders
    • Planters
    • Tillage Equipment
    • Hay and Forage Tools
    • Mowers
  • Grain Storage and Handling
    • Grain Towers, Bins, Hoppers
    • Grain Conditioning Equipment
      • In bin dryers
      • Out-of-bin dryers
      • Fans / Heaters
      • Monitors / Controller Systems
    • Material Handling
      • Conveyors
      • Elevators
    • Grain Carts & Wagons
  • Farming Technology
    • Guidance Systems / Monitors
    • Remote Management
    • Field and Water Management
    • Variable Rate Application
    • Data Management

Research America has a wealth of experience in animal health and nutrition. We understand the unique challenges that Agri-Business’s face when it comes to animal health and nutrition, and we are uniquely positioned to help our clients succeed in this rapidly changing market:

  • Animal Health
    • Anti-infectives
    • Biologicals
    • Parasiticides
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Vaccines
    • Housing / Ventilation
    • Herd / Flock Monitoring Technology Systems
  • Animal Nutrition
    • Feeds
    • Feed Additives / Supplements
    • Feeding Technology Systems
    • Mineral Supplements

Our team has worked with a variety of clients in the agriculture industry, from major corporations to small family farms. For more information about our agriculture market research experience and how we can help you, please Contact Us

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