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Lottery Market Research

Research America Inc. (RAI) knows first-hand how much impact research data can have on making powerful decisions for an organization, especially state lottery programs. However, if a careful approach to planning and analysis isn’t taken, that same data can become cumbersome to include in the decision-making process. We have a defined approach that is applied to all research engagements, which aligns key stakeholders, enables accurate design and data collection, and activates data for decision-making. We leverage our experience, internal and client collaboration techniques, and data visualization expertise to help teams and organizations grow their business.


We know that to remain relevant, attract new consumers and grow an existing customer base, lotteries need to have a deep understanding of their audience. Not just in the context of gaming and lottery, but also in terms of overarching motivations and behaviors.

Research America is an innovative research leader when it comes to the lottery and gaming industry. For more than 30 years we have conducted numerous qualitative and qualitative research including player usage through awareness and attitude tracking studies; market segmentation and profiles; advertising effectiveness research, focus groups and evaluating statewide promotions. We have worked with lottery programs in 22 jurisdictions in the United States, plus regulated lotteries in the United Kingdom and Spain.

We understand the trends and have also presented research findings and research trends at leading lottery industry conferences. We have designed research to assist lottery operators develop new products and line extensions, measure advertising, track players’ expenditures and play frequencies and measure in-market performance of instant and online games.

We use a wide variety of methodologies including online panels, conjoint analysis, discrete choice modeling, segmentation and qualitative research (focus groups and qualboards) to identify market segments, track player purchases, develop new games, determine game pricing, measure player and retailer satisfaction, and evaluate marketing/communications effectiveness. We have also developed a proprietary quantitative model SwipeRightTM for testing advertising and product concepts.

To maximize resources, we often need to consider how to optimize our product offerings. Opti-GameTM leverages experience across industries – from CPG to Lottery – to provide trusted insights into portfolio optimization.

Research America is a full-service custom research company, with practice areas focused on brand and product strategies. We offer a holistic set of services including all forms of qualitative and quantitative research and predictive analytics. We are a right-sized organization in that we are flexible enough to handle needs ranging from full-scale, global multi-phase research engagements to consulting assignments requiring support in one stage of the research process (e.g. survey execution, data analysis, etc.). 
Our dynamic range in skillsets, along with our highly experienced staff, who are passionate about solving problems, makes us an ideal custom and agile research partner to our clients. 

Our lottery experience includes work with the following jurisdictions.

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