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Lottery Research

Research America has had significant experience working with state lotteries during the past 35 years. This experience includes player and consumer tracking studies, our proprietary scratch game concept testing, multivariate player segmentation analyses, new draw game concept tests, advertising ROI modeling, and messaging and advertising research.

To support lottery marketing teams, Research America has worked directly with state lottery purchasing through the standard request for proposals process. We have also worked directly with global game development companies and marketing/advertising agencies of record. Examples of lottery clients that Research America team members have supported include the following:


Our proprietary products and capabilities include:

  • TicketTester™ – Quantitative Scratch Game Concept Evaluation
  • OptiGame™ – Draw Game Portfolio Optimization
  • Player Landscape Segmentation Analyses
  • Discrete Choice Draw Game Development
  • Retailer Satisfaction Research
  • Player Tracker Studies and Dashboarding
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Marketing Models
lottery Market Research