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Lottery Market Research

Research America is an innovative market research company providing insights to state lotteries and the gaming industry for over 35 years. We have brought techniques from consumer packaged goods (CPG) to our lottery market research studies, healthcare to our B2B industry clients, and more.

We use a wide variety of methodologies including online panels, conjoint analysis, discrete choice modeling, segmentation and qualitative research (focus groups and qualboards) to identify market segments, track player purchases, develop new games, determine game pricing, measure player and retailer satisfaction, and evaluate marketing/communications effectiveness.

Our proprietary products and capabilities include:

  • TicketTester™ – Quantitative Scratch Game Concept Evaluation

    o Quantifies instant game purchase intent based on game themes and price points.

  • OptiGame™ – Draw Game Portfolio Optimization

    o leverages experience across industries – from CPG to Lottery – to provide trusted insights

    o Determines the optimal mix of draw game types and the optimal number of draw games to offer to ensure your line of products appeals to the broadest array of customers.

  • Player Landscape Segmentation Analyses

    o Discovers the motivations that affect player behavior by understanding your lottery’s unique customer groups.

  • Player Tracker Studies and Dashboarding

    o Keeps track of player habits and preferences over time while testing and tracking advertising effectiveness.

  • SwipeRight™

    o Proprietary quantitative model for testing advertising and scratch game concept testing

  • Discrete Choice Draw Game Development
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Return on Investment (ROI) Marketing Models

Research America leverages our experience, internal and client collaboration techniques, and data visualization expertise to help teams and organizations grow their business within the lottery and gaming industry:

  • Planning & Design

    o We use deep client-listening and collaboration techniques to define research objectives and prescribe the right methodology

  • Analysis

    o Structured and unstructured data are combined; past research is reviewed, cross tabs are developed. This is the hard work that makes synthesis easier for us and for you.

  • Activation

    o Every phase prior to this, working collaboratively, enables activation —where a team embraces the data to make impactful decisions. We deliver our findings clearly and visually to stimulate action

Working directly with state lottery purchasing through the standard request for proposals process to support lottery marketing teams. We have also worked directly with global game development companies and marketing/advertising agencies of record. Examples of lottery clients that Research America team members have supported include the following:

South Carolina Lottery NJ Lottery washington lottery Kentucky Lottery
Virginia Lottery Iowa Lottery West Virginia Lottery North Carolina Lottery Ohio Lottery Florida Lottery

Research America knows that to remain relevant, attract new consumers and grow an existing customer base, lotteries need to have a deep understanding of their audience. Not just in the context of gaming and lottery but also in terms of overarching motivations and behaviors.

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