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Concept Testing & Development

You’ve been inspired to expand your business, either as a result of customer requests or challenges or just to evolve and grow, so you’ve started to brainstorm as many new products, services and solutions as possible. How do you know which ones you should develop into new concepts that you will develop?

When identifying these new opportunities, you need to focus on the “what if” or “what could be” and this stage requires a lot of planning and preparation to ensure the results are accurate and informative. You also need to control and manage the process to reduce human biases and errs for desirable results.

Once the ideas have been generated and collectively selected during the ideation sessions, it’s time to start developing and testing the concept(s) that can deliver the best outcome. This requires taking all of those ideas and looking for any relations or connections between them to see if any can result in a combined concept. This is the concept invention phase.

We will work through this entire process with you and provide the resources and methodologies you need to help determine which ideas and concepts to develop and test. Our proprietary SwipeRight™ tool leverages advanced predictive analytics and the wisdom of crowds to evaluate the immediate emotional appeal which is in important predictor of in-market performance. Adding SwipeRight™ to your existing studies concept test creates a methodology that is more robust and more actionable than a traditional testing alone. Contact us today!

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