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Entertainment and Sports Market Research

Despite changes in technology and economics presenting unique challenges across segments of the sports, entertainment, and industry, there will be continued growth in market size. Research America specializes in sports market research, tourism market research, and entertainment market research resulting in offering clients significant experience and expertise tailored to their particular niche of this diverse industry.

As the internet continues to change consumer access to entertainment, sports, and tourism, market research will provide direction to help businesses thrive.

Sports market research and entertainment market research projects conducted by Research America include:

  • Attract and retain event sponsors!
  • Show sponsors that their advertising works!
  • Refine pricing/promotional packages to motivate attendance!
  • Get ideas for future events/promotions!
  • Reveal ways to improve your venue to attract more attendees!
  • Identify your target audiences and optimum messaging!
  • Put your marketing & advertising dollars in the most effective mediums!

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