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Sports Entertainment Tourism Industry

A significant Southeast Michigan sports and entertainment organization wanted to test the appeal and viability of future runs of key entertainment productions. Through direct feedback from both past attendees and trade area residents, the organization was able to benchmark perceptions of the production, future likelihood to attend, and identify the best media channels to reach those that are most likely to return.

With a 41% return rate from attendees, the organization could commit to the best appeal productions and focus to refine its amenities while maximizing attendee’s experience and cross promote other comparable productions. itRelationship Mapping™ remains an on-going feedback link.

Focused Growth

  • Attract and retain event sponsors!
  • Show sponsors that their advertising works!
  • Refine pricing/promotional packages to motivate attendance!
  • Get ideas for future events/promotions!
  • Reveal ways to improve your venue to attract more attendees!
  • Identify your target audiences and optimum messaging!
  • Put your marketing & advertising dollars in the most effective mediums!
We were very impressed with the quick turn around time and the quality of the results. Everyone at Research America was delightful to work with. We were also impressed with the input on question suggestions and the time everyone took with us to make it a beneficial project.

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