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Market Research Surveys

market research surveys

Help Your Company Organize, Plan, Think and Launch

It’s easy for a business to go off on the wrong track. Using telephone market research surveys prevents missteps and allows you to identify customer needs. Once it's been created, you can use live operators to interview your target market right over the phone. They tap into your customers' minds, getting to the bottom of customer likes and dislikes. This allows you to create products and refine your services to perfectly suit customer needs.

While online data collection is becoming more popular due to its cost-effective nature and quick results, it tends not to relay accurate information due to unreliable sample sizes. It is also easy to give misleading information when answering online questions. Telephone market research surveys, on the other hand, are just as inexpensive and add a human element. Since real people with skills training are interviewing your target clientele, you naturally get more accurate results. Our interviewers are trained to have an objective viewpoint, keeping respondents on track while never leading them into a specific answer. Live interviewers can also probe respondents for more accurate, in-depth details, getting more than just a basic yes or no to a question. We can help you answer the following questions:

My customers have enough money to buy what I am selling. Who needs and can afford what you are offering?

Our services can be a great asset to your company when you need to find out your target clientele. You can have live interviewers assess them just by interviewing a small portion of the population in your chosen demographic (income levels and level of need)

My customers have decision making power. Who has the authority to say yes to what I'm offering?

Who is the decision-maker of the household or the office? Telephone market research surveys can help you answer this question. Live interviewers assess the house-holds and organizations, finding out who makes the decisions in the majority of the cases. Then, you can tailor your advertising campaign to coincide with your data.

My customers have access to my products and services. How accessible are my products or services to my target market?

If there's something preventing your customers from accessing your products and services, you need to know. We can help you to find out current and potential problems with customer access. For example, if the data reveals that your target clientele tends not to use the internet, you would need to find a way for your customers to easily order your products and services over the phone.

Telephone market research surveys often make the most sense for businesses who want to quickly find out what their customers are thinking. They are often the first step in a longer process. Hiring live interviewers to conduct a one-on-one interview over the phone generates detailed, accurate results. This allows you to get feedback on your business practices and products, without draining financial resources.

Market Research surveys