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Data Presentation & Reporting

Effective and engaging market research reporting is the key to making research results accessible and actionable to the entire organization. By developing a deep understanding of your organization, the research objectives, and the potential audiences, Research America tailors our marketing research reporting and presentations to optimize the action ability of the research results and recommendations.

  • On-Site Presentation and Reporting - Research America’s on-site meetings include a step-by-step review of study findings and results by our statisticians and analysts, as well as opportunities for questions-and-answers.

  • Executive Summary - Our Executive Summary report offers additional detail and context, written in everyday language, to explain your research questions, goals, and data to your stakeholders and to help your team apply your research answers in meaningful ways.

  • Charts & Graphs - Meaningful data visualization helps clients understand the research results. Research America’s aim is to make charts, tables, and graphs easy to understand so that you can quickly act on the results of your study.

  • Key Driver Analysis - Key driver analysis (KDA) uncovers what your customers and clients believe is most important about your products and services through exploring what motivates their purchasing decisions.

  • Net Promoter Score - Research America integrates Net Promoter Score(NPS®) into our customer loyalty research by gauging customer likelihood to recommend a product or service.

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