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Healthcare Market Research

Rising health care costs. Changing patient demographics. Evolving consumer expectations. New market entrants. Complex health and technology ecosystems. Increasing outpatient delivery. Consolidation and integration.

As the global healthcare market is targeted to pass the $2 trillion mark in 2020, and experience CAGR of 5% through 2023, health care stakeholders need to invest in value-based care, innovative care delivery models, advanced digital technologies, data interoperability, and alternative employment models to prepare for these uncertainties and build a smart health foundation for the future. Understanding how to make these investments amid a rapidly changing and challenging environment requires deep insight gathered through healthcare market research.

Research America provides healthcare industry market research to help decision-makers understand the current situation as well as how it might potentially change, including:

  • Key market influencers for healthcare decisions
  • Understand and measure perceptions and attitudes
  • Competitive position and advantage
  • Understand the needs of key healthcare consumer segments
  • Identify core service enhancements to improve market position
  • Employee Feedback Program to align the message and delivery
  • Identify emerging trends for desired and needed services
  • Test new services and measure anticipated use
  • Effectiveness of PR and Marketing initiatives (messaging, media channels, key influencers

Consumer Medical Market Research

Research America studies the needs and opinions of professional groups or other key informants on the success of your organization. Key informants and potential referral sources are contacted to assess their level of satisfaction with various attributes of your services and programs.

Our senior executives have conducted over six thousand (6,000) consumer market medical assessments including:

  • Market position studies
  • Consumer need assessment and demand feasibility studies
  • Preference, image and awareness studies
  • Brand association and attribute studies
  • Advertising awareness and tracking, and slogan or tag line recognition
  • Existing & potential service and site usage projections
  • Site-selection assessments
  • Refine & focus PR & Marketing initiatives (message, media channels, identify key drivers/influencers)

Medical Staff Satisfaction & Referring Physician Market Research

Our senior staff has conducted thousands of physician surveys and healthcare market research on behalf of providers nationwide. Our approach often produces response rates of up to 70% among staff physicians.

  • Loyalty (% of patient admissions to client hospital)
  • Overall satisfaction with the hospital
  • Satisfaction with various aspects of service
  • Rating of administrative responsiveness
  • Patient referral patterns
  • Cases referred away from client hospital

Patient Satisfaction Market Research

We examine patient satisfaction on a unit, site, or service-level basis. Patients express their views on key service attributes as well as the most salient satisfaction issues. Overall satisfaction, likelihood to recommend (advocacy), and likelihood to return (retention) are assessed.

Research America conducts patient satisfaction market research for the following customer segments:

  • inpatients (by unit, facility, or service line)
  • outpatients (by facility, practice, or service line)
  • emergency room patients (by shift or admitting physician)
  • clinic/physician practice patients (by service type, physician, or location)

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