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Health & Sustainability

We are the leading company in the field of applying the measurable science of psychology and sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques to healthcare and wellness market research and market segmentation. We have psychologically profiled panels and have conducted hundreds of studies throughout the US and around the world.

Our expertise includes:

  • Disease areas such as Auto-immune, Dermatology, Pain Management, Oncology, Cardiology, Sexual Dysfunction, Gastroenterology, Ophthalmology, and more
  • Medical Device areas such as Cardiac, Anesthesiology, Diabetes, Pulmonary, Surgical Devices, and many more
  • Consumer Nutrition and Nutraceuticals such as Supplements, Nutritional Drinks, and more
  • Consumer Experience in areas such as Disease Management, General Health and Wellness, Retail Food and Beverage areas as they relate to Health and Wellness, and more
  • Health Services such as Integrated Delivery Systems, Health Insurance, ACOs, Hospitals, Physician practices, Medical Distributors and much more

Get to know your healthy lifestyle consumers with the Institute’s proprietary consumer databases. Our customized subscriptions and ad-hoc services can include any choice of the 6 databases . We provide consulting, custom analysis, presentations, reports

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