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Market Research Calls

market research calls

If you knew market research calls could help improve the results of your marketing plan, would it change the way you’re doing research? Research America has 35 years of experience: developing questions, connecting with consumers and systematically gathering the answers that help clients market themselves more effectively. Based on the information we provide, our clients develop new products and services, launch new divisions and introduce themselves into new areas.

Public opinion research groups and professional consultant firms often outsource to outbound call centers specializing in telephone polls and interviews. What many smaller companies don’t realize is that they can also go directly to call centers to create and run a survey project. Many do-it-yourself marketers think that outsourcing can be too expensive. There are affordable ways of outsourcing for the typical business owner. You can run a survey program and keep costs low.

So, would it be worthwhile to outsource market research calls? Go ahead and crunch the numbers. Consult with the professionals at Research America about collecting public opinion data for your company. We can help you see the road ahead more clearly. When you know the results that we systematically retrieve for you, surveys suddenly become your most powerful marketing tool.

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