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:: Blog

The team at Research America is one of the largest and most diverse teams of market research professionals anywhere in the world. To help our clients and industry colleagues stay on top of the latest trends in research methodologies and applications, as well as showcasing industry observations and opinions, we present our blog, the RAI REVIEW. Please bookmark this page and check back often as we frequently add new posts to the site.

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:: Case Studies

With a team of research professionals spanning nearly every industry vertical and market, there isn’t much in the way of market research execution that we haven’t done… and done well. And to prove that we can do what we say we can do, please browse through our extensive inventory of Case Studies, all taken from in-market projects we have conducted over the past few years.

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:: Tip Sheets

Our Tip Sheets are a series of quick-read documents, each covering a specific Market Research or Industry-Specific topic. And because they’re brief and focused, it will take you just 4-5 minutes to explore an important topic. In addition, there’s no ‘fluff’… each Tip Sheet is jammed-packed with helpful information that you can put into action immediately.

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:: Retail Report

The retail industry continues to face an onslaught of challenges, including trends like the "Amazon effect" and "subscription shopping." While some experts are warning of a coming retail “apocalypse”, others are projecting a retail “renaissance.” It’s possible we’ll see a little of both in the coming years, depending on the retailer.

To stay on top of retail issues and trends, download your copy of the Retail Trends of 2019 Report, researched and assembled by Research America's Retail Industry Team.

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:: RAI Project Summaries

This Project Summaries section showcases the depth & breadth of Research America’s experience and expertise by highlighting a number of projects, successfully completed during the past few yea rs. As you scroll down, you’ll see examples of work we’ve done in a number of industries, utilizing a wide variety of research methodologies. Don’t see a particular industry or methodology? No worries… just ask – there’s a good chance we have a successful track record with it, too!

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