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Market Research for Health and Beauty Products

The health and beauty product industry has been facing tremendous regulatory and public opinion challenges in recent years. Despite those challenges, the industry as a whole has exhibited very strong growth. Covering products as diverse as cosmetics, health insurance, and pharmaceuticals, market research for the health and beauty products industries reflects that diversity in an easily digestible way that is simple to understand.

Since our beginning, Research America has been active in market research for beauty products and market research for health products. The health and beauty industry is worth over, approximately, 510 billion dollars total, with no looks at slowing down. Not only that, but it has a wider range of consumers than many might think, though a large portion of sales is attributed to women and girls.

Products can also vary in concept, design, and intention, like fragrances and perfumes or skin-care products such as creams and exfoliants. There are countless make-up and nail products that make up a bulk of the staggering sales numbers, but other common products like shaving cream, sunscreen, soap, shampoo, and toothpaste contribute to this as well. Understanding the health and beauty industry’s market and how it operates--as well as the ever-growing consumer base and its target audience--is what Research America does best.

Research America is well-versed in the tools and techniques used in market research for the health and beauty product industry, including:

  • New product and service development research
  • Marketing program and messaging effectiveness research
  • Customer satisfaction and brand loyalty research
  • Market segmentation for new markets
  • Customer churn reduction analysis
  • Brand Communication
  • Sales Data

Research America can conduct market research for your company’s latest service or product in order to obtain a better understanding of customer reception, both positive and negative, in regards to the product being offered. We assist companies in performing the proper actions that divides your target audience into segments based on demographics and psychographics, according to the product. By taking valuable feedback from its consumers, companies will be able to secure customer satisfaction and ensure their loyalty to the brand, which in turn helps the company itself.

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