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Market Research Facilities for Qualitative Studies & Central Testing

Our CLT facilities in Orlando and New York metropolitan areas have been specifically designed and constructed with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the latest methods of research and analysis. They feature Wi-Fi enabled testing spaces to accommodate any CLT research need, including providing rooms with customizable shelving, lighting, and other modifications that replicate any retail environment.

Our Sacramento, Orlando and Cincinnati facilities offer focus group rooms, interviewing rooms, and testing rooms that are spacious and comfortable, and can provide advanced monitoring capabilities for offsite clients. Most importantly, our hospitality team and staff want to ensure that all of our guests receive the utmost courtesy and that your time and schedules are respected.

Orlando Focus Group and CLT Facility

The Orlando test facility is 10,688 SF and features customizable spaces which can accommodate 12 to 40 respondents. Many of the rooms are multi-purpose and can be configured to simulate various retail environments. Each room is environmentally controlled to provide the optimal environment for sensory testing.

  • Fully equipped test kitchen
  • Laundry Room with 10 GE Electric Stacked Laundry Center Units
  • Amerikooler Walk-in Cooler & Walk–in Freezer
  • Multi-purpose rooms
  • Focus group room
  • Client viewing room

Sacramento Focus Group and CLT Facility

Sacramento boasts our newest facility that measures approximately 10’x16’ of space downtown and offers:

  • Conference table that seats 8 – 10 comfortably.
  • 10 ft two-way privacy mirror with private client viewing room.
  • Client room with a mini-fridge, snacks, comfortable seating.
  • Audio/Video Recording
  • 70 seat CLT capability

We offer Central Location Tests for a range of research situations, including:

  • Taste tests
  • Product tests
  • Concept tests
  • Sensory research
  • Advertising/Copy test
  • Packaging tests

Our kitchen facilities features:

  • Ample workspace with multiple stainless steel tables that can be configured to fit the unique needs of each project.
  • 15 ft Commercial Exhaust Hood, providing testing capabilities for fryers and deep fried food products, etc.
*If you are looking for a specific piece of equipment
please contact us

Product Testing Areas

We offer clients rooms, measuring up to 24’x 34’ of brightly lit testing space. Each room offers:

  • 32 internet workstations
  • Direct access to kitchen
  • Separate, private, preparation area
  • 8 ft. mirror for client viewing
  • Private client viewing room seating up to 5 comfortably
  • Wi-Fi connectivity throughout

Panel Facilities and Interviewing Rooms

Conference Suite

  • Room size: 17’ x 23’
  • Comfortably accommodates 10 consumers
  • Separate, private, preparation area
  • Shelf space on walls for hanging displays
  • Technology included: - Wi-Fi Access

  • Smart Board
  • Audio/Video recording
  • Video Conferencing
  • Live streaming technology for remote viewing

Conference Viewing Area

Our client viewing room accommodates 10 comfortably, with an attached lounge.

  • Direct Access to outside for clients; small park with seating nearby
  • Adjacent Business Center for client use; Wi-Fi access throughout

IDI Rooms

This unique room located off one of our main testing spaces allows our clients to conduct one-on-one interviews after a larger panel or group. Clients can also use this space to set up a mock store, present visual displays, or create other simulations to meet the needs of almost any study. Our management team can custom-configure the lighting to fit your specific project requirements .

Skyline Lounge

Our clients have access to a comfortable space behind the conference room viewing area. Clients can unwind after a long trip, or take a
break, eat and rest between groups. Our lounge has comfortable seating, a flat-screen television, coffee center and a fully-stocked refrigerator.

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