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Focus Group Facilities

Research America’s Central Location Testing facilities field projects of all sizes and complexities. Our CLT spaces assist clients in completing large quotas with quick turnarounds.

We offer Central Location Tests for a range of research situations, including:

  • Taste Tests
  • Product Tests
  • Concept Tests
  • Sensory Tests
  • Advertising / Copy Test
  • Packaging Tests

Our proprietary panel populates your groups using your exact criteria. We can customize your respondent profile in line with any recruitment specification for your study.

Our Wi-Fi-enabled testing spaces accommodate any CLT research need, including providing rooms with customizable shelving, lighting and other modifications that replicate any retail environment. Our focus group rooms, interviewing rooms and testing rooms are spacious and comfortable, and offer advanced monitoring capabilities for offsite clients. Most importantly, our hospitality team and staff want to ensure that all our guests receive the utmost courtesy and that your time and schedules are respected.

For more information about our focus group facilities and how we can help you, please Contact Us.