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Customer & Employee Satisfaction Surveys

No matter the size of your business or what you do, your employees are essential to your success. So, you need to know exactly what they feel and think about everything they do for you. Having an independent party administer and collect open and honest answers that lend to objectivity, while improving response rates through multi-mode channels, is fundamental to a successful workplace where employees are excited to work. Employee surveys are an essential business tool, but unless they’re tailored to your business, they’re useless!

Research America provides multicultural HR and market research surveys designed to help you maintain a great working environment and get a better understanding of your demographics. The employee satisfaction surveys we provide include everything from exit surveys to organizational assessments. The customer satisfaction surveys we provide include mystery shopping and competitor analysis. Research America identifies all of the key data that needs to be collected and aligns objectives in order to achieve your desired outcomes.

We provide everything you need to design, deliver and analyze your research surveys across a variety of platforms. With our proprietary tool, iMobileShare™ , you have access to over 1 million consumers on the go, equipped with their mobile devices - ready to review, record and report on your products or services… anywhere, anytime! Get instant access and instant feedback from your customers, your competitors’ customers, and new consumers who use similar products, or are near your store or location.Contact us today for all of your employee and customer satisfaction needs.

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