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Market Research Services

• Our CLT & Focus Group Facilities

• Innovation & Development

• Ad Tracking & Brand Messaging

• Market Landscaping/Benchmark

• Presentation & Reporting

• Health & Sustainability

• Strategic Consulting

• Qualitative Marketing Research

• Quantitative Data Collection

Innovation & Development

Research America has a consultative approach that leverages our diverse experience and innovative data-driven tools that produce results. Our ideation sessions will provide the resources and methodologies you need to help determine which ideas and concepts to develop and test. We’ll work closely with your organization to identify challenges unique to your business and to develop solutions just for your situation. We focus on principles that combine the hard data of sales potential with active and passive learnings. Our team can help determine your customer’s path to purchase to help you understand their journey and gain the insights needed to optimize their experience and our 2D and 3D computer simulation technology and can create retail experiences that are as close to the real shopping experience as possible.

Ad Tracking & Brand Messaging

Understanding how customers view your brand is extremely important to the livelihood of your business. Your messaging needs to align with your brand, but also be clear and consistent. Consistent brand messaging that reflects a brand’s values and speaks to its audience is essential to creating a brand that customers can connect with on an emotional level, which is a core ingredient in building brand loyalty. Research America recommends and executes distinctive methodologies to recognize customer perceptions of your brand and its messaging even before going to market , saving your business time and money.

Market Landscaping & Benchmarking

Understanding the market structure and market landscape helps organizations develop marketing plans and indorse successful marketing strategies. At Research America we have various landscape research methodologies, including a Market Landscape Segmentation™ tool, that combines survey data with big data, including customer profiles and other behavior-based sources to provide findable segments. Our team of industry experts can help you find the Competitive Intelligence you need to make smart and strategic decisions. In several key industries, Research America can offer regional, comparative results to clients who want to go beyond basic understanding the attitudes and opinions of existing customers, and gain insight into the wider market.

Presentation & Result Reporting

When you need assistance understanding consumer data, our team of experts is here to answer questions and simplify what the data means in terms of marketing your success. By developing a deep understanding of your organization, the research objectives, and the potential audiences, Research America tailors our marketing research reporting and presentations to optimize the action ability of the research results and recommendations. Our expertise and analytical tools will guide you through interpreting what your data means, and the implications for your business and marketing plans. You can quickly learn about the health of your business, create your business’s ideal client profile, and significantly enhance the return on your investment. We produce detailed reporting deliverables that include highlights that help you develop and adjust your marketing plan with measurable indicators and insightful performance analysis.

Health & Sustainability

We are the leading company in the field of applying the measurable science of psychology and sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques to healthcare and wellness market research and market segmentation. We have psychologically profiled panels and have conducted hundreds of studies throughout the US and around the world. Get to know your healthy lifestyle consumers with the Institute’s proprietary consumer databases. Our customized subscriptions and ad-hoc services can include any choice of the 6 databases . We provide consulting, custom analysis, presentations, reports , data tables, and more. Segmentations are activated across all Nielsen Solutions and other Global Data vendors.

Strategic Consulting

When you need answers yesterday, data mining and custom analysis provides answers today. Integrating Consumer Intelligence offers key benefits which help maximize strategies and ROI. Research America consists solely of seasoned professionals who have dedicated their careers to uncovering meaningful insights that raise the level of success for clients. Our innate curiosity fuels the process, and we leverage all of this to tell better stories that activate insights.

Qualitative Marketing Research

Qualitative market research is used when businesses want to explore what consumers and customers believe, feel, and want from their interactions. Qualitative research techniques include face-to-face and online moderated discussions that allow guided discussions to dig deeper into perceptions, motivations, and values. Research America has experienced staff in all types of qualitative market research methods, as well as dedicated focus group and central location test facilities to help you with any qualitative research project. Our experts find the most qualified people for your study, delivering high-quality B2B or B2C respondents who want to answer your toughest questions.

Quantitative Data Collection Methods

Quantitative data collection is used to measure the business or research problem by generating numerical data or data that can be transformed by statistical analysis. Quantitative data collection methods can quantify attitudes, opinions, behaviors, experiences and other defined variables – and generalize results from a sample to a larger population. Our telephone interviewers are skilled communicators who have been trained to build rapport with both business and consumer respondents. Using Computer Assisted Web Interviewing , clients include different types of multimedia content into their surveys. Paper-based, self-administered questionnaires and postal mail surveys reach those respondents who cannot be reached through email and telephone survey invitations. IVR surveys offer an easy and cost-effective way to deliver inbound and outbound self-completed surveys over the telephone to a broad audience.