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Market Research Services

Our CLT & Focus Group Facilities

Market Research for the Our CLT & Focus Group Facilities Service

Our CLT facilities in Orlando and New York metropolitan areas have been specifically designed and constructed with state-of-the-art technology to deliver the latest methods of research and analysis...

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Innovation & Development

Market Research for the Innovation & Development Service

Research America has a consultative approach that leverages our diverse experience and innovative data-driven tools that produce results...

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Ad Tracking & Brand Messaging

Market Research for the Ad Tracking & Brand Messaging Service

Understanding how customers view your brand is extremely important to the livelihood of your business. Your messaging needs to align with your brand, but also be clear and consistent...

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Market Landscaping & Benchmarking

Market Research for the Market Landscaping & Benchmarking Service

Understanding the market structure and market landscape helps organizations develop marketing plans and indorse successful marketing strategies...

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Presentation & Result Reporting

Market Research for the Presentation & Result Reporting Service

When you need assistance understanding consumer data, our team of experts is here to answer questions and simplify what the data means in terms of marketing your success...

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Health & Sustainability

Market Research for the Health & Sustainability Service

We are the leading company in the field of applying the measurable science of psychology and sophisticated mathematical modeling techniques to healthcare and wellness market research and market segmentation...

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Strategic Consulting

Market Research for the Strategic Consulting Service

When you need answers yesterday, data mining and custom analysis provides answers today. Integrating Consumer Intelligence offers key benefits which help maximize strategies and ROI...

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Qualitative Marketing Research

Market Research for theQualitative Marketing Research Service

Qualitative market research is used when businesses want to explore what consumers and customers believe, feel, and want from their interactions...

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Quantitative Data Collection Methods

Market Research for the Quantitative Data Collection Methods Service

Quantitative data collection is used to measure the business or research problem by generating numerical data or data that can be transformed by statistical analysis...

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