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The world, and each individual person is overrun with information. Data, numbers and reports. It fills up boxes, or sits, bound on desks and shelves. Filling heads to the point of overflowing, to the point of being unable to think...


consumer insights


Listening, questioning, boiling it down, prioritizing, testing, validating, extrapolating, observing, synthesizing,'s what we do everyday. Focused, reliable and actionable information to make smart and profitable business decisions...




Market Research & Consumer Insights

Research America was established over 35 years ago with one goal in mind – to consistently and significantly disrupt industry practices for market research companies – and by doing so create the highest standard of excellence by which others should be judged. We acquired 14 best in class companies, 300 researchers with varying disciplines, expert researchers and the best equipment. We are a top notch “boutique of boutiques”. We truly can do it all.

By outsourcing your market research efforts to a company that utilizes proven methods to gather valid data you will be able to identify potential markets, great products and target ideal customers, saving your company time and making you money.

No two paths are the same because no two clients or their challenges are either. Flexibility is key. We have a tool kit full of tools, and we’re the master craftspeople with advanced degrees who know how to use them to get results. Passion and commitment drives us to keep learning, keep pushing – always working to ensure we’ve explored as far as we can explore. It’s what helps us ask the questions others miss. And, we know there’s always more. If we keep asking why and what if, we will get to new answers, new insightful knowledge – that moves our clients toward new solutions. Faster.

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