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Market Research Tip Sheets

Research America's Tip Sheets are a series of quick-read documents, each covering a specific Market Research topic. In just a few minutes, you’ll explore important content that can help you to more effectively uncover insights for your firm. Each Tip Sheet is fast, free and filled with useful and actionable information. Download your copy today.

8 Benefits of Adding System 1 Thinking to Your Concept Testing Program

System 1 is an automatic, fast - and often unconscious - way of thinking. System 2 is slow and rational. And though most research methodologies treat every decision as though it's a System 2 decision, 95% of all decisions are made using System 1 thinking. This presents a real dilemma. Savvy researchers, however, have learned to include methodologies that replicate System 1 thinking. Download this Tip Sheet to understand why you should, too.

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