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Qualitative Marketing Research

  • Focus Groups - guided group discussions can be completed online, via webcam video chat, or in-person.
  • Focus Groups Facilities - Research America has several professionally designed and managed facilities to host your focus groups, central location tests, and interviews.
  • Face To Face Interviewing - Research America‚Äôs team members are trained in the detailed methods of personal interviewing and guided by project managers with many years of experience in conducting in-person interviews.
  • Full-Service Research Recruiting for In-Depth Interviews - Our experts find the most qualified people for your study, delivering high-quality B2B or B2C respondents who want to answer your toughest questions.
  • Public Opinion - Research America helps organizations and brands measure public opinion and consumer trust

Qualitative market research is used when businesses want to explore what consumers and customers believe, feel, and want from their interactions. Qualitative research techniques include face-to-face and online moderated discussions that allow guided discussions to dig deeper into perceptions, motivations, and values. Research America has experienced staff in all types of qualitative market research methods, as well as dedicated focus group and central location test facilities to help you with any qualitative research project.

Food and Beverage Market Research