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Ad Copy Testing

There’s no better way to feel confident about your advertisement than to see that it’s tested well to your target audience. Ad Copy testing is the process of putting different ads and messages in front of a sample of your target audience and asking for feedback on them. You can test an entire ad or just specific aspects of it, and collect feedback on anything from how much the ad stands out to how believable your audience finds it.

Measuring advertising effectiveness gives you data to back up your decisions. It’s difficult to argue against hard numbers. The data you collect also provides ideas for further improvement. It also helps you understand and segment different audiences better. For example, you can filter the responses to see how different groups (i.e. male vs. female) feel about each of your ads. These insights can help you select specific ads for the separate groups, or make a single ad that incorporates some elements that each of the groups liked.

Our proprietary SwipeRight™ tool is a cutting edge methodology for testing stimulus-advertising, product concepts, imagery, and packaging, just to name a few. Our decades of experience using ad copy tests to support marketers in virtually every industry will help your business reach your target audience more effectively. Contact us to learn more!

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