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Marketing & Advertising Market Research

At Research America, we perform domestic and international market research. Our work for marketing and advertising professionals provides detailed and precise consumer insights, allowing their businesses to grow. Contact our experts today and learn how Research America can help you and your business.

Gain Impactful Insights From Your Customer Base

Are you a marketing or advertising professional looking to benefit from market research insights? Is your department or agency aiming to get ahead of its competition? Research America has more than 35 years of experience supporting marketing and advertising executives with their growth visions.

At its heart, market research is about gathering information about your consumers' needs and preferences. Sourcing and extrapolating that information so that it can be actioned effectively is what Research America does better than anyone else.

Contact our team today to learn more about how we can give your business a competitive edge with our market research services.

Our Market Research Services

At Research America, we provide a range of services that allow you to understand every facet of your business's image and of the wider industry trends. Our market research services include:

  • Innovation & Development
  • Ad Tracking & Brand Messaging
  • Market Landscaping & Benchmarking
  • Presentation & Result Reporting
  • Qualitative Studies and Central Testing
  • Health & Sustainability
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Qualitative Marketing Research
  • Quantitative Data Collection Methods

We specialize in offering deep insights and providing detailed and practical research for your business. Click here to learn more about these services.

Benefits of Market Research

In business, knowledge is power. Understanding the market and the trends of your consumer base allows you to stay ahead of your competition. Market research provides a perspective that can often become lost with out-of-date practices that simply aren't effective.

Market research also minimizes investment risk, allowing you to test your idea or product to gain valuable insights without risking significant resources. It will identify both potential opportunities and threats, which may otherwise have been missed.

Market research can provide an effective insight into your competitors, both their strengths and weaknesses. These insights can allow you to adapt your strategy and re-position your business at the forefront of its industry.

By helping you to spot emerging consumer trends within your market, you can work to 'exploit' these trends and target your consumers' interests and wants. By regularly taking the pulse of your consumers, you can stay ahead of your competitors. Market research is also beneficial for providing revenue projections.

What Our Clients Say

At Research America, we are proud of our reputation for providing precise insights and invaluable information to our clients. Read what they have to say about our market research services here.

For Insightful Market Research, Choose Research America

We are proud to partner with clients within the marketing and advertising professions, providing valuable information that supports the growth of their businesses. To learn more about our range of services, speak to our expert team today.


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