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Apparel & Footwear Market Research

The global apparel and footwear market is projected to grow in value to about 1.5 trillion dollars in 2020 as demand for clothing and shoes is increasing across the world. This growth comes as a result of hard work by industry players as they face a rapidly changing environment. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of environmental sustainability issues resulting from fashion consumptions, with 60% of consumers worried about climate change, and 64% trying to have a positive impact on the environment through everyday actions. Additionally, with the increase in online shopping presenting a myriad of product choices, consumers are demanding personalized products, experiences, and communications from brands and retailers.

Research America works with its apparel and footwear industry market research clients to find ways to meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers include:

  • New and improved product development and launch
  • Customer experience development and measurement
  • Product portfolio analysis and rationalization
  • Brand position and communications
  • Competitive positioning research

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