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Tourism Market Research

Tourism market research provides insight into market and consumer demand. For the tourism industry, in particular, the pandemic effect seemingly looms large. Tourism market research offers insight into the tourism industry, enabling companies to better anticipate when travelers will get back on the roads and into the skies. Conducting tourism market research provides a company with exposure, heightening its visibility with the very consumers it hopes to attract and satisfy with relevant, reliable offerings. Below is an example of how we helped an airline uncover optimization opportunities to drive advertising effectiveness.

Uncovering optimization opportunities to drive advertising effectiveness

A highly competitive airline industry with low costs carriers was entering major markets with consumer sentiment towards any carrier at an all time low.

New creative was needed to revamp the brand image and strengthen the bond with consumers, so they turned to Research America to conduct insightful tourism market research.


To evaluate newly developed TV spots, diagnose executions to understand what is driving / inhibiting performance, and to uncover optimization opportunities to drive ad effectiveness.


Utilizing our blended quant-qual ad testing methodology, comparisons to benchmarks and our normative database identified the relative and absolute appeal of each spot based on key measures. Additional diagnostics and emotional engagement identified further optimization opportunities for the lead spots.


Airline strengthened relationship with customers in markets where spots where shown as measured by inmarket loyalty and increased sales. Agency won awards at the Cannes Advertising Festival, the Hugo television awards, and the One Show for its optimized version of one spot.

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