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Manufacturing Market Research

The manufacturing industry saw a decline in output in 2019, but that seems to have stabilized in 2020 and will lead to improved growth in the future. Research America conducts manufacturing market research to bring new ideas and insights to manufacturers as they deal with trends such as digital transformation, a challenging global supply environment, a changing workforce, tariffs, and regulatory changes.

Research America deep experience and expertise in manufacturing market research includes:

  • Find new and alternative markets to target your products
  • Uncover your competitive differentiator for decision-makers
  • Identify the best concepts, prototypes, packaging, marketing materials
  • Test prototypes before major investments
  • Benchmark Best Practices and maximize your resources
  • Create strong differentiators for your products/services
  • Prioritize the best opportunities for ROI
  • Establish a measurement program to track improvements
  • Refine messaging and marketing tools for sales teams
  • Uncover up-sell/cross-sell opportunities
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