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Brand Positioning Research, Brand Tracking Studies

If your company’s growth is slow or you’re sensing a shift in your market or customers, it could be time to redefine your brand’s positioning. Brand positioning can also be commonly known as a positioning strategy or a brand strategy. Brand positioning research looks at how your customers and the market see your product – which may be completely different from the way your internal team sees it. You need to be on the ground listening to what your actual customers are saying about your product, how they’re using it, and the real problems it’s solving for them.

There are various research methods you might consider using when planning brand tracker studies:

Gathering this information can offer surprising insights into how customers are experiencing your product and, if you find overarching themes, you can adjust and clarify your messaging to better position your product to attract new and ideal customers. This can be especially important if you have lots of competition. Research America has the proprietary tools and unique methodologies you need to begin improving the local (and global) brand positioning for your brand. Contact us today!

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