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Full Service Market Research Recruiting

Are you looking for an audience for your read in-depth interviewing and focus group projects? Research America delivers every full-service recruitment element for your study.  Our experts find perfect people for your study, using our in-house, proprietary databases.  We deliver screened respondents who want to answer your toughest questions. 

Fast turn-around projects are our specialty. We offer 90 - 100% show rate screened respondent recruiting, even for rush projects. Your program can include: Development of qualifications screener to your specifications

  • Screener editing
  • Comprehensive In-House Databases: B2C, B2B
  • Specialized panel databases including health care professionals, C-Suite respondents, and other professional categories
  • Mystery Shopping Database
  • Participant validation, including invitations, confirmations, and follow-up correspondence
  • Postal mail, telephone/ mobile and email participant contact
  • Project Status Updates on your schedule: daily & weekly
  • On-Demand Expedited Rush Service
  • Recruiting in English, Spanish and other languages by bi-lingual recruiting specialists
  • Local offices near or in Philadelphia, New York, Rochester, Cincinnati, Detroit, Sacramento

We review your unique respondent recruiting needs at the beginning of every project. Using your criteria, we develop screening qualifications for each study. Your study can include:

  • 24/7 Real-time project status updates
  • A dedicated Research America project manager
  • Reporting consultations
  • Recruiting quota management, including complex recruiting quotas
  • At-home exercise respondent management
  • Adjustments to your project as needed
  • Panel Development & Management
  • Technology setup
  • Assignment compliance monitoring
  • Project debriefing session
  • Incentives disbursements

You can trust Research America's results.  We've supported hundreds of projects during major shifts in consumer, healthcare and B2B behavior. 

Don't risk letting the person you need to hear from go unheard. Our experts use our extensive databases to target your specific respondent groups. Each respondent entry includes detailed specifications to help us target the tough to reach audiences. Our database developers dig deep into respondent’s backgrounds and interests. Our attention to detail ensures that your respondents will be a perfect match for your project. 

We can help you recruit respondents for your in-house project, or we can develop a research study for you.  Give Research America a call today at (610) 356-1800. Our experts will ask you detailed questions about what your study needs. Your respondents' answers will deepen your understanding of your brand, products, and services. 

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