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Quantitative Data Collection Methods

  • Marketing Research Telephone Interviews - Our telephone interviewers are skilled communicators who have been trained to build rapport with both business and consumer respondents. Interviewers understand how to apply bias-free probing techniques to clarify responses, without leading the respondent in one direction or another.
  • Computer Assisted Web Interviewing - Using Computer Assisted Web Interviewing, clients include different types of multimedia content into their surveys, presenting images, audio and video clips, and information published on the Web for evaluation by each survey respondent.
  • Postal (Mail) Surveys / Self-Administered Questionnaires - Paper-based, self-administered questionnaires and postal mail surveys reach those respondents who cannot be reached through email and telephone survey invitations.
  • International Research - Research America delivers high-quality, multi-lingual, international data collection and survey services for multinational corporations with a global reach.
  • Interactive Voice Responses - IVR offers an easy and cost-effective way to deliver inbound and outbound self-completed surveys over the telephone to a broad audience.
  • Public Opinion & Community Engagement - Research America can measure the public opinion as it relates to many industries, such as politics, to better understand people’s behaviors, attitudes and experiences.

Quantitative data collection is used to measure the business or research problem by generating numerical data or data that can be transformed by statistical analysis. Quantitative data collection methods can quantify attitudes, opinions, behaviors, and other defined variables – and generalize results from a sample to a larger population.

Quantitative Data Collection