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Brand Equity Assessment

The impact that your brand has on a consumer determines their perceptions which drives their purchase behavior. These perceptions are more formally known as "brand equity” and can be measured by recognizing why consumers choose a particular brand over another.

Brand equity assessment makes comparisons between competitive brands or products using a benchmark. Our proprietary lens™ tool provides an unfiltered view into how the brand is perceived using both qualitative and quantitative methods. A visual methodology that provides self-norming measures, with historic benchmarks that are predictive of true in-market success.

Get a real ROI when using our MarketView360™ tool which maps your current market position against competitors to prioritize markets for growth and reveal strategies to increase the effectiveness of your marketing.

The way your brand is perceived by your customers can determine whether they end up doing business with you or with your competition. It’s important to make sure your customers recognize your brand’s identity and that they perceive it in the way you intend. When customers have a good feeling about your brand, they’re more likely to become loyal customers and promote your products and services to others. Research America has the research tools and methodologies to assess your brand’s equity and provide solutions.

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