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Market Research Testimonials

"Sylvie has been outstanding to work with. She has been extraordinarily diligent and flexible throughout the process and adapted to all of the changes in protocol that I sent her way with ease. Her follow-up with both me and participants has made recruitment a breeze and I appreciate all of her work on this project. I truly hope that I get the opportunity to work with her again in the future."

"We use your company all the time. I work with Michelle Collins and she is FANTASTIC!!! We are getting ready to gear up for a BIG project soon and she’s already been helping me. AU and Sepsis should be starting real soon!!!!"

"Thanks for presenting yesterday! A pleasure from our side too on working with you and the research is definitely a great input for the project going forward."

" guys have been busy. This is more than I had expected with the limited time we gave you, so I appreciate the amount of work on this so far."

Just wanted to send you guys a quick note to say thank you for the on-the-spot response today! I know the client certainly appreciated the attention."

"Thank you for the quick turnaround on the focus group findings. Excellent job on the report. I liked how the information was organized and presented. I'll touch base with the rest of the team today, but I feel confident that we have the direction we needed to finalize the creative for this advertising! ”

“We are a world class marketing research firm that has worked with Research America for over 20 years. They continue to provide very high quality, low-cost, timely telephone interviews and we plan to use their services in the years to come.”

There are a lot of very capable research organizations that can give you quality, reliable and timely data but there are only a few that provide the interpretation and potential strategic uses of that information. Rex and his team did a number of projects for General Motors over the years and their collaborative approach brought insightful and useable results. They are good listeners on the front end and are dedicated to making sure they are asking the right questions and producing content with substance on delivery.

"We are extremely pleased with the research support that Intellitrends has provided us! With a strong understanding of consumer research, balanced with a real world knowledge of the retail environment, they have assisted us in moving our sales forward! ”

Research America provided in-depth knowledge by taking a highly-experienced approach to each research project we’ve done with them. They are strategic and detail-oriented. I was impressed and inspired when working with them. They are collaborators in the pursuit of great research for new products. I highly recommend Research America, and I look forward to working with them again.

“I’ve worked with Research America since 1992, and I have always found Dave McGinley and his team friendly, cost efficient, and professional in all my dealings with them. They have fielded surveys for me with close to 30,000 respondents over the years, and I continue to pick up the phone and call them when I need a survey done.”

"I want to express my deep gratitude and thanks for your incredible accomplishment this weekend. No other research firm in the world could take on a survey at a moment’s notice and get the job done quickly, efficiently and productively. You are the best.”

"We were very impressed with the quick turnaround time and the quality of the results. Everyone at Intellitrends was delightful to work with. We are also impressed with the input on question suggestions and the time everyone took with us to make it a beneficial project. ”

"Research America helped us significantly in gaining a better understanding of some very specific consumer perceptions about aftermarket products and purchase motivations. Their work is providing us with valuable market insights which assist us in developing our sales and marketing campaigns. We were especially impressed with their ability to quickly and comprehensively understand our products and market position goals. ”

“The Research America team works the way we do, and cares about delivering the best possible value to clients. From the moment we begin a project, they manage it with the utmost care. They catch and correct questionnaire and sample errors that others might miss, and report cleaner, more accurate data. We work under tight deadlines here, so the time savings and quality assurance we receive from Research America is very valuable.”

"Your two surveys helped us arrive at a style we can have confidence in. We have frozen the design and are waiting to get in the model shop. ”

"You are always available and respond very quickly to all of my many, many requests and questions! It really has been a pleasure working with you all. ”

"For the strategic market analysis, we have had great success working with Intellitrends. They have done a terrific job for us on a couple of complicated projects and have been integral to our success on those projects. ”

"Thank you all very much for the great effort and it is amazing how you got so much done is such little time. This work will be very valuable for tomorrow. I will begin looking through the reports you sent to incorporate into my presentation. ”

Research America provided our team with focus and discipline to evaluate the influence of our work, community perception and ultimately what will compel the voting public. Rex shared their expertise in developing a strategy and messaging platforms; all while educating us along the way. Their work was invaluable to us as we move forward with our new communication plan knowing that we have a concise, effective strategy.

“I can always count on high quality, low-cost, field work with timely delivery. The flexibility and availability of their dedicated staff during crunch-time is unmatched in the industry.”

Hi Michelle,
First, let me reiterate what a great job you’ve been doing for us since Research America acquired Roda Research. I’d been pretty nervous about the transition but you’ve maintained the continuity beautifully. Thank you!