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Mail Surveys: Self-Administered Questionnaires

Paper-based, self-administered questionnaires and postal mail surveys reach a segment of the population seldom reached through email and telephone survey invitations.

Paper-based surveys are often received by select, invited respondents through postal mail using a pre-paid response packet. Survey-takers answer questions according to instructions and return their survey to Research America by a specific deadline.

Using incentives and reminder mailings helps mail survey response rates and response quality match face to face interview and telephone survey expectations. Even including incentive line items with printing and mailing, postal mail surveys and self-administered paper-based surveys normally cost less than telephone and web surveys.

Like web-based online surveys, postal mail surveys provide a convenient way for respondents to reply to survey invitations on their own schedules. The paper survey option offers respondents time to think about survey questions and their responses. Clients can also ask respondents to interact with samples by include stimulus material in the mailer as inserts, other types of samples or include free trial coupons in their mailers. With a more flexible response time, respondents can also ask additional members of their households to share their opinion and be included in the survey response.

Research America works with you and your organizations’ marketing and communications teams to design attention-grabbing questionnaires and information packets which are easy to understand and complete, ensuring high-response rates for each study we undertake.

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