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Message Evaluation & Optimization

Message evaluation is the process of obtaining information that would allow a company to develop the most effective communications message to consumers, thus optimizing the messaging for the brand.

Evaluating your messaging along the way can help you to stay on course and reach your destination. The consequences of ineffective messaging can be significant. Message evaluation improves the effectiveness of your communications, helps you better engage with your audience, and can help you allocate your resources better.

It is very difficult to evaluate every aspect of your work. If you have a comprehensive communication strategy, you may select the components that are most critical to its success. Or, you may choose to evaluate a tactic that your organization is using for the first time. You could also pick the area where you are making the biggest communication investments.

Our team of seasoned marketing researchers, and our proprietary tool Clip™ Ad Test , can help to identify exactly what you plan to evaluate and keep it focused so that it is manageable alongside your other responsibilities and you can apply lessons learned to other areas. Contact us to get started!

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