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Market Research Case Studies

Case Study #1

Developing a Strategy To Drive Conversion

conversion driven market research case studies

The client was having a difficult time driving conversion away from the age-old industry standard that was cheaper and widely available, but less effective.

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Case Study #2

Restaging a Brand (post acquisition)

market research case study

A first step, post acquisition, was understanding multiple elements of the marketing mix in order to determine how to best restate the brand for accelerated growth.

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Case Study #3

Revitalizing a Mature Brand

market research branding case study

The advertising agency for a mature cleaning category brand whose household penetration had slipped 5.5 points over the previous three years.

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Case Study #4

Optimizing Brand Communications

optimizing brand communications case study

A major drug manufacturer that needed to select winning print executions for a DTC (direct-to-consumer) campaign for one of their prescription drug products.

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Case Study #5

Evaluation & Optimization of Marketing Concepts (in days)

optimization of marketing concepts case study

The client launched a new breakfast product line-up using the most appealing product platform identified in the research.

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Case Study #6

From Consumer Insights to Validated Positioning (in one week)

consumer insights case study

A pharmaceutical company wished to jump-start lagging sales of a new prescription drug via a direct-to-consumer (DTC) advertising campaign.

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Case Study #7

Swipe Right for SwipeRight

home and hardware market research case study

While our client had years of window design concept test experience, they decided to use SwipeRight™ to see if they could improve prediction of a successful window design.
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Case Study #8

Repositioning an Organic Ice Cream Brand

case study exampleAlden’s needs to reposition its brand to compete effectively in a crowded marketplace.
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