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Automotive Market Research company

Automotive Market Research Company

A global manufacturer and distributor of automotive parts wanted insight into the consumers' decision process. Using Intellitrends' MarketView 360°, key market dynamics including fuel prices, competitive sales forecasts, vehicle production outlook and status of the credit market were incorporated to provide a realistic view of opportunities and barriers.

With this analyzed data, the manufacturer was able to identify those concepts and prototypes with the strongest sales potential, thus maximizing their use of R&D and engineering resources and focusing their sales presentations and marketing materials.

Focused Growth

  • Capitalize on emerging automotive market/product trends
  • Identify new non-traditional markets for your technology
  • Focus your strategic marketing position
  • Focus your competitive differentiator for decision makers
  • Benchmark Best Practices and align your internal resources
  • Initiate and test new ideas, concepts or prototypes
  • Prioritize product and technology directives for R&D/Engineering
  • Create a Performance Measurement Program to track improvements
  • Map gaps and opportunities in the customer decision process
  • Energize your marketing message, tools and sales efforts
Outstanding! Research America not only conducted very customized interviews, but provided us with the "so what does it mean" analysis. This resulted in DCX adopting several programs recommended by Intellitrends that helped us with messaging, branding and 'next steps' for closing new business!