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5 Ways Customer Satisfaction Research Can Drive Your Business Forward

January 22, 2021

customer satisfactopm research cam drive your business forward

Customer satisfaction research should be the first measure considered when putting together a market research plan for your company.

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The Latest Medical Market Research Shows A Huge Cultural Shift

January 14, 2021

medical market research trends

Our latest market research show a cultural shift is currently at play within the healthcare industry. The changing demographics and systems of management are improving patient outcomes.

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How to Write a Winning Market Research Proposal

January 12, 2021

writting a market research proposal

A market research proposal is the document a company uses to map out its future. It unites company stakeholders in joint discovery of information so that everyone knows who and what really matters for an information gathering project. This is how to write a winning proposal that will get your whole team onboard.

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11 Secondary Market Research Opportunities

November 5, 2020


Many professionals use secondary market research to bolster their current research efforts. Take a closer look at how secondary market research works, and how your business can leverage existing information to your advantage.

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Retail Cannibalization Analysis: Your Company Can't Grow Without It

October 29, 2020


Businesses in the retail sector need to pay particular attention to product cannibalization in order to avoid inhibiting expansion and driving up costs. Here, we'll explain the basics of retail cannibalization analysis and how businesses can use it to protect their interests.

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The Best of Brand Loyalty Research: Are You Friends With Consumers

October 21, 2020

conducting brand loyalty research

Developing brand loyalty should be a huge part of any business’s long-term strategy but, it can be difficult to measure with precision. Explore these brand loyalty research techniques that companies can use to determine how well they connect with consumers.

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Market Research for Startups: 5 Rookie Mistakes

October 15, 2020

Conducting Market Research at a Startups

While it is important for new companies to engage in market research, it’s crucial to avoid some rookie mistakes that could spoil the entire effort. To that end, here are five big mistakes that can significantly affect market research for startups. Learn them now so you can avoid them down the line.

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Regional Coffee Manufacturer Wins with Product Superiority Claim

September 22, 2020

Regional Coffee Manufacturer Wins with Product Superiority Claim

Are you one of the nearly 64% of American adults who drink coffee daily (according to the National Coffee Association)? If so, you might enjoy this case study about how Research America employed the Claims Co-Creation Workshop process to help a regional coffee manufacturer expand in the ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee category.

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8 Steps to Bullet Proof Ad Claims: The Ad Claims Co-Creation Process

September 8, 2020

8 Steps to Bullet Proof Ad Claims:
			    The Ad Claims Co-Creation Process

The process of identifying claims involves many different parties, both internally and externally. Identifying claims for effective advertising requires the collaboration and coordination of Brand Management, R&D, Consumer Insights, Legal, and the Ad Agency or Creatives.

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3 Ways Market Research Can Bolster Your Marketing Creative

August 25, 2020

5 Reasons You Should Hire a Market Research Firm

Market research plays an important role in gaining a better understanding of your company, what motivates your target audience and trends in your industry. Did you know it can also be vital to your advertising efforts?

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