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What is Agile Market Research?

“Agile” has become a buzzword in business, correlating with adaptability, flexibility, connectivity and productivity. Rapid changes in consumer attitudes and market trends, as well as increasing volumes of data and sophisticated technologies, have made efficiency synonymous with success and precipitated a major shift in business philosophy, one which has pushed an agile management style to the forefront of many business models. In the business world — and especially when talking about market research —  to be “agile” is to be able to react quickly and effectively. Here’s what you need to know about agile market research:

Agile market research is both noun and verb. Agile market research is bespoke research, customized for a specific client and minimizing the use of syndicated (i.e., general) insight. It is also dynamic, capable of changing rapidly as needed to ensure the greatest benefit to the people making use of it.

As both a process and a product, agile market research is distinguished by several different features:

The goal of agile market research is fast and accurate insight. If you need help devising an agile market research project plan that informs your business practices quickly and effectively, please contact Research America. Our researchers work collaboratively to ensure that our clients have access to the most informative and timely data available. Our team utilizes agile market research techniques that allow our clients to adapt the focus of their research project as results surface and, thus, hone the quality of the entire research endeavor.

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