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Competitive Intelligence

Competitive Intelligence research involves the collection and analysis of information from multiple sources. This information is used to anticipate the competition’s activity, see past market disruptions, and impassively interpret events. An essential component to developing a business strategy, it is also used when developing a new product launch, new market entry, or other strategic move in the market. While most companies can find substantial information about their competitors online, competitive intelligence goes beyond and digs deeper.

Our team of industry experts can help you find the competitive intelligence you need to make smart and strategic decisions. For example, our lens™ tool can track your brand and up to 10 of your competitors. The reports provide the following:

At Research America, we pride ourselves on our passion, commitment, and the highest standard of excellence. We approach every client individually to provide new solutions to their unique challenges and goals and will work collaboratively with you to bring insightful competitive intelligence data to increase your level of success.

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