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Consumer Insights

Market Research Firm - Providing Impactful Insights

Listening, questioning, boiling it down, prioritizing, testing, validating, extrapolating, observing, synthesizing,'s what we do every day. Focused, reliable and actionable information to make smart and profitable business decisions - is what you get when you work with Research America.

For over 30 years, clients from every industry sector have come to us with their growth vision and questions about how to get there:

  • "What new markets can we expand into?"
  • "What trends should we be paying attention to now?"
  • "Who is my target customer?"
  • "How do I get more out of our current customers?"
  • "How can we increase our market share?"

Our Promise to You

Not to give you a cookie cutter proposal. Not to leave you with a pile of data wondering "what does it mean?".

Our mission is to answer the "SO WHAT".

If we don’t provide insight, interpretation or implications for your project, then we haven't completed the job.

We have worked closely with clients from the very small to the very large, both locally and globally, to get the answers that inform their go-to market strategies.

Customer Insights