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Reputation Management

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, people will be talking about it. The internet, more specifically social media, provides a quick and easy platform for them to do it. Consumers will discuss your latest products, comment on social media posts, or divulge about their customer service experience, generating various conversations around your brand. Naturally you want those conversations to be positive which is why a social listening tool is a smart investment.

Internet and social networks can turn even the most minor of mistakes into a major PR crisis, resulting in negative search results for your business. Managing your online reputation is important because it can influence the people most important to the success of your business: your customers, peers, and investors.

Research America provides reputation management research tools that help organizations and brands quickly assess issues affecting their bottom-line and react accordingly by listening to consumers before, during and after a negative event. Our proprietary social listening tool, Chatscraper™ , gives you the ability to see what is being posted and shared anywhere online (globally) about your brand (a new product, news events, a digital campaign, etc.). Contact us to learn more!

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