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Technology Market Research

With the constant change in technology markets, there are just as many opportunities as there are threats to your business. That is why you need Research America, a responsive market research company, we will help you stay ahead of your competition.

A global provider of integrated technology products and services wanted to understand how their services were perceived by end-users to further focus new product development initiatives, thereby exposing new revenue channels.

Through the In Touch Now™ program, benchmark measurements were established in several key product and service areas for future tracking. Equipped with this ongoing direct feedback from users, the company has been able to target new markets, enhance products for current clients, and increase sales opportunities through direct testimonials thanks to their technology market research initiatives.

Focused Growth

  • Identify those dynamics that influence the decision process
  • Focus new customer segments to target your sales opportunities
  • Measure how you stack up against competitive offerings
  • Learn if you are competitively priced
  • Establish a Customer Feedback Program for tracking & improvement
  • Test new products and services desired by the market
  • Validate your marketing message and pricing structure
  • Energize sales and presentation opportunities
  • Identify up-sell/cross-sell opportunities among customers
  • Test & validate new technology features and functions
I can’t tell you how valuable the Customer Satisfaction survey is to our organization in helping us to analyze and evolve our business. Your ability to ask the right questions, analyze the data and provide it back to us in an understandable format is a key component to our customer service programs.
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