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Senior Business Development Team

Rex Repass

Rex is the man behind the story, a bold leader and entrepreneur. He is highly experienced helping organizations drive profitable growth and enhance corporate...Read More
Edu: M.S., Univ. of TN, Comm.

Robert Porter

Robert is proficient in all stages of the research process, including survey and study design, questionnaire development, data analysis, and reporting. Robert makes...Read More
Edu: Temple Univ., Finance

Amy Benner
Vice President

Amy brings over 13 years of market research and strategic consulting experience to Research America. She is responsible for growing... Read More
Edu: B.S., ME, The University of Michigan; M.B.A., Mktg, Oakland Univ.

Jim Whalen
Senior Vice President

Jim has more than 20 years’ expert knowledge of global brand building. He takes a holistic view of every insight challenge, sharing his depth of experience in quantitative ... Read More
Edu: M.S., Marketing, Miami University

Carianne Duncan
Vice President

Carianne has 22+ years designing and facilitating consumer research, with 19 of those years spent at Procter & Gamble as a Consumer Insights Manager for R&D...Read More
Edu: B.S. in Biology., Athens State College
M.B.A., University of Phoenix.

Larissa Gottschlich
Vice President

With nearly 10 years of experience designing, moderating and leading research projects with multicultural and general market respondents, Larissa’s curiosity, strategic thinking, and project management skills deliver market research leadership....Read More
Edu: M.A. Comm, NKU

Steve French
Senior Vice President
Natural Marketing Institute

Steve French’s background includes 25 years of corporate marketing, business development, and management experience with industry leaders such as PepsiCo, Mars, Inc., and Marriott .... Read More
Edu: B.S. Marketing, Penn State University; M.B.A. Marketing, University of Scranton

Diane Ray
Vice President of Strategic Innovation Natural
Marketing Institute

With an international business experience in over 25 countries, and a wide-ranging career in science, business development, research and innovation. .... Read More
Edu: M.B.A. International Business, University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School

Jan Nash
Senior Director of Research
Natural Marketing Institute

Jan equips the Institute team with 20 years of market research experience in the consumer and pharmaceutical industries. Her expertise includes.....Read More
Edu: M.A. Applied Market Research

Maddie Sutphin
Director of Product Testing

Maddie is the Director of Product Testing – Orlando for the firm. Maddie has over 35 years of experience in Market Research. During her career Maddie has focused on data collection for..... Read More
Edu: B.S., Bus. Admin, UT

Michelle Collins
Project & Client Relations Manager

Michelle is directly involved in quality assurance, development, coding, and project methodology, ensuring integrity of process between each marketing....Read More
Edu: B.S., Marketing, PSU.

Kandis Demeo
Operations & Business Development Director

Kandis Demo joined Research America in 1999 (EMH) and held a number of research roles. With expertise in sciences and research study design....Read More
Edu: University of California

William Crossan
Business Development Director

William joined the Research America team in 2013, bringing over 15 years’ experience in sales and marketing to Research America.... Read More
Edu: B.S., Bus. Admin. & Marketing, Cabrini Univ.,

Inta Didrichsons
Market Research Director

Inta Didrichsons is a Senior Marketing Research Consultant in the company’s Lincoln, NE office and will have overall management .... Read More
Edu: B.A, University of Nebraska

Donna Ford
Business Development Director

Donna brings over twenty-five years’ experience in market research - both as a client & as a senior member in major research.... Read More
Edu: M.S.M., Bus. & Org. Mgmt., RWC 
B.S., Org. Mgmt., RWC 
A.S., Bus. ADMIN, RIT.

Lynne Lockwood
Senior Insights Consultant

Lynne has over 30 years’ experience in designing and directing a wide range of studies across every conceivable industry, including new product evaluations, customer satisfaction, product positioning, advertising development ... Read More
Edu: B.A., Comm., PR & Media Studies, UC.

Kevin Pond
Market Research Consultant

Kevin joined Research America in 2017 as an Analyst. He has over 5 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and healthcare ... Read More
Edu: B.A., SUNY Geneseo

Nicole Tsimpedes
Market & Advertising Professional

Nicole joined the Research America team in 2018, bringing 13 years of experience across multiple marketing channels including consumer ....Read More
Edu:B.A., Mktg., IADT

Rebecca Franklin
Market Research Director

Becky joins Research America with over 15 years of market research supplier and client-side experience. Across healthcare, consumer, and B2B roles, Becky has...Read More
Edu: B.S. Marketing / Int. Bus. IU-KSB

Corinne Lucas
Market Research Director

Corinne came to RAI with 7 years of market research and strategic recruiting experience. She has been immersed in managing both qualitative and quantitative studies, day-to.... Read More
Edu: B.A., AD/PR, MI State University

Lauren Semrau
Market Research Coordinator

Lauren specializes in online behavioral analysis, digital media, survey design and reporting, and has experience working with clients in the financial, insurance, health, retail and food... Read More
Edu: B.A., AD & Public Relations, MI State University

Megan Popp
Qualitative Director

Upbeat, social, and vibrant. Megan brings great enthusiasm to her work and is able to transition easily from one pursuit to the next with unlimited focus. As a Senior Qualitative Consultant, her ....Read More
Edu: B.S. Marketing, Miami University

Jim Hosty
Project Manager / Insights Consultant

Jim joined Research America in 2017. Intensely curious with a desire to know and find the answer, Jim ensures our insights process doesn’t skip a beat..... Read More
Edu: Xavier 2012

Christina Ailor
Market Research Analyst

Creative and inquisitive, Christina considers market research as the perfect setting to ask her favorite question: “why.” She began her career at non-pro ts and on electoral campaigns .... Read More
Edu: B.A., Political Science, University of Pittsburgh

Courtney Willman
Market Research Analyst

Fiercely competitive with a relentless curiosity means that Courtney will not stop until she uncovers the truly game changing ..... Read More
Edu: B.S. Marketing, University of Cincinnati

Ann Lane Rogers
Operations Manager

Ann has over fifteen years’ experience in corporate management and service quality research. Over the course of her career, Ann developed... Read More
Edu: B.A., Eng., SEC. Edu., SUNY Geneseo

DeAnna Swinton
Advertising & PR Director

DeAnna joined the Research America team in 2020, bringing more than 15 years of marketing experience. DeAnna provides marketing.....Read More
Edu:B.S. Marketing, Rutgers University School of Business