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Zachery Flower

Market Research Coordinator

A curious and reliable problem solver, Zachery knows how to dig deep in order to find the meaning behind the data. From the beginning of the research process to the end, Zachery loves working with both his team and clients alike to bring every project to life.

Zachery brings to the table an insatiable drive that compels him to deliver the best insights possible, and both a creative and analytical mind that allows him to bring those insights to life. Zachery loves a good challenge and will work tirelessly to overcome any obstacle that is thrown his way. Having experience in both national and international studies in multiple different areas of focus, Zachery has developed a well-rounded skillset that will surely be put to good use in any situation.

Zachery joined the Research America, Inc. team in early 2020 shortly after graduating college. He has since gained experience in studies involving: messaging studies, brand awareness, advertising studies, segmentation, and tracking studies.

Zachery graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 2020 with a BSBA in Marketing. He is currently also pursuing a Masters in Market Research (MMR) from Michigan State University.