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Samantha Wolff, Ph.D.

Market Research Analyst

Samantha has close to five years of market research experience. In her beginning role as a research coordinator, she has been involved with both qualitative and quantitative pharmaceutical studies, client communications, analysis, and report generation. Now, as one of our most detailed-oriented and concise analysts, Samantha has displayed senior-researcher qualities in the execution of questionnaire design, screener development, back-end analysis, as well as actively training to expand her skillsets to include a Six Sigma certification. With the intuition of a seasoned researcher, she thrives in challenging and complex situations, demonstrating her ability to easily adapt and overcome even the most difficult of projects. Samantha has a doctorate from SUNY at Buffalo in Anthropology, with a concentration in Archaeology and has participated in excavations throughout New York state. In her spare time, Samantha enjoys writing, graphic design, and trivia.

Edu: Ph.D. SUNY at Buffalo, Anthropology

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