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Research America - A Leader in Market Research

Research America is an award-winning, family-owned and operated company providing market research solutions for over 40 years.

Research America, a leading provider of quantitative market research services, delivers quality interviewing services to the business, government, political, education and healthcare communities throughout the United States.

Simply put, our mission is to understand our clients’ needs and provide them quality service in a timely fashion, at a competitive price.

Research America is headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Newtown Square and Sacramento, CA. Being financially stable and secure has enabled Research America to invest over $3 million in research infrastructure, including a major investment in the VoxCo Telephone Survey Software, 150 VoxCo interviewer licenses, 4 data processors and outfit 3 centers with state-of-the-art predictive dialers. Additionally, Research America staffs 4 full-time technicians as well as 4 programmers and coders. This includes the acquisition of three Market Research and Political Polling centers: Research America, TMR and EMH Opinions.

Research America follows all of the rules of ethical conduct for survey research organizations within the United States including all stipulations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Our company employs approximately 300 employees. Market research staff members are professional researchers with advanced degrees in business, marketing, marketing research, experimental design and statistics, sociology, political science and economics.

Moving Beyond Data to Deliver Actionable Insight: Technology, Tools and Tactics to achieve victory

Our experienced and skilled Research America team will create insight from the ground floor starting with the consumer:

Advanced Technology - We integrate technology, research and advanced statistical techniques with the important benefits of human experience. We provide deeper insights by leveraging enhanced methodologies

Boutique-of-Boutiques - Our 14 offices and category expertise offer the benefits of an agile senior level team answering our clients’ important business questions. Our responsive service and deep experience eliminates the irritation of working with a siloed research firm. One stop for your market research, means one stop for your private data.

Customer First Research - We go straight to your customer. We recommend and execute distinctive
methodologies to recognize your customer needs, perceptions, interests, and purchase behaviors followed by a deep- dive into the product category.

Disruption - We do not provide cookie-cutter solutions to your research questions and business challenges. The industry is executing research much in the same way. Our internal, proprietary offerings and the agility of our teams are anything but status quo. We believe quantitative and qualitative research is not mutually exclusive, by often combining into a singular unique offering.

Our Consultation and Analysis - When you need assistance understanding consumer data, our team of experts is here to answer questions and simplify what the data means in terms of marketing your success. You can quickly learn about the health of your business, create your business’s ideal client profile, and grow your business. We leverage analytics and strategic frameworks to provide insights that move the brand forward.

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