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Megan Popp

Senior Market Research Director

Megan’s thorough training in qualitative research training at the Burke Institute, and a degree in English from Miami University, Megan's approach to communicating results is influenced by her background, keeping it clear, succinct, and engaging.

Upbeat, social, and vibrant. Megan brings great enthusiasm to her work and is able to transition easily from one pursuit to the next with unlimited focus. As a Senior Qualitative Consultant, her social aptitudes and industry training enable Megan to connect, discover, and communicate with ease. Whether she’s leading a focus group or a Creative Problem Solving session, or training a team on new qualitative research and strategy techniques, Megan enables clarity and a shared vision for advancement.

She inspires us all to run more, and, like many others here, she enjoys spending free time cooking her favorite foods and spending time with her young family.


“I believe our job is to give everyone a stage to be heard, and to give people the opportunity for their opinion to count and mean something. That’s very important to people; to be heard. We are the avenues for so many voices that fuel the growth of our clients’ business.”

Edu: B.S. Marketing, Miami University, Burke Institute -trained Moderator

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