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Christy Heintz

Market Research Director

With over two decades engaged in the dynamic field of market research, Christy Heintz stands as a knowledgeable professional. Currently serving as a Project Manager, Christy is known for a hands-on approach, engaging with projects from their inception to their completion.

With her attention to detail and a knack for time management, Christy seamlessly orchestrates the flow of tasks, optimizing efficiency without compromising on quality. Beyond that, Christy excels in people management, fostering collaborative environments where every team member’s potential is exploited.

Leading our Orlando facility, Christy oversees operations with aptitude and an eye for detail. With a career characterized by dedication, expertise, and a commitment to excellence, it is apparent that Christy provides great value to not just the Orlando facility, but to our industry.

Edu: Associates Degree at Seminole State College, Liberal Studies Major at University of Central Florida

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