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3 Technology Market Research Trends for the Near Future

If the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that technology is an “essential” component of modern living. With COVID-19 demanding creative solutions in order to ensure sustained productivity for companies, schools, and individuals alike, it’s not surprising that reliance on technology has burgeoned at an unprecedented pace. Indeed, technology allows for swift adaptation, and during the pandemic, it has granted us the opportunity to work (even play) whenever and wherever we want. It has also allowed us to cope with isolation, to assuage our fears, and to remain physically protected from disease. It’s unlikely our world will ever go back to a time when digital connectedness doesn’t rule our working and leisure lives. It’s critical, then, for those in the technology industry to stay aware of ever-evolving societal needs so that they can keep up with what consumers need and hope to gain from technological advancements as we head into a post-Covid world. Take a look at three technology market research trends we predict for the future:

Our team at Research America has decades of market research experience. We’ve seen a lot over the years, and the past 18 months lead us to anticipate that, first and foremost, technology market research will need to be expeditious moving forward. Gone are the days of multi-step technology market research campaigns. Tech markets are simply evolving too quickly to rely only on traditional market research methodologies (such as focus groups), which take too much time to arrange, administer and analyze. The focus, instead, will be on speed, getting information from participants as near to real-time as possible so that insight can be made without delay and action can be taken as soon as possible.

Of course, technology is all about convenience. We believe consumers — particularly tech consumers, who are astutely aware of the benefits technology offers — will demand convenience now that COVID has shown them it is easily available. From buying groceries online to going to school and working virtually, consumers understand the value of their time and effort; in return for their participation in subsequent market research projects, we believe they’ll demand convenience. Researchers, therefore, will need to think about how they can get the information they need from consumers in the least obtrusive ways, perhaps using online panel discussions, social media listening, or other ethnographic or real-time research methods.

Finally, technology market research will be all about...well, technology. Paper, pens, and spreadsheets will be replaced with integrated databases, media platforms, big data, and AI. The amount of data out there nowadays is compounding by the day, even the minute! Technology market research would be missing its own point if it wasn’t making use of automation, computers, and the latest tech offerings.

Market research in the technology industry should incorporate the very best technological tools so that participants have convenient options for relaying feedback and companies have quick access to results. To learn more about technology market research and how to maximize insights for increased profitability, please contact Research America.

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