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Topic: Optimizing Brand Communications

Market Research - Optimizing Brand Communications

The Client

A major drug manufacturer that needed to select winning print executions for a DTC (direct-to-consumer) campaign for one of their prescription drug products.

The Problem

The client wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of each advertisement based on its performance across metrics like stopping power, communication, engagement, impact and persuasion and compare them to pharmaceutical industry norms.

Further, they wanted to assess each creative execution to analyze the impact of visuals, characters, copy, taglines, main message, and feelings/emotions triggered by the ads, as well as identify any questions/concerns raised, especially wi

Our Recommended Solution

A multi-phase research program combining exploratory qualitative research and a central location test (CLT) blended quantitative-qualitative methodology.

The Outcome

This research confirmed the chosen print ad execution was attention-grabbing, informative and relevant to patients, and strongly motivated them to seek additional information about the drug, highlighting the importance of including two additional benefits outside of the core benefit, and identifying patient segments most receptive to the messaging in the creative execution.

The client launched the DTC ads immediately after the research. Sales of the prescription drug increased 35% in the year following launch.



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