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iMobileShare: Get Customer Feedback Instantly

Mobile technology has quickly and dramatically transformed consumer behavior from simply how they interact with people to how they interact with your brand, your products and services. With iMobileShare™ feedback technology, you have access to over 1 million consumers on the go, equipped with their mobile devices - ready to review, record and report on your products or services… anywhere, anytime! Get instant access and instant feedback from your customers, your competitors’ customers, and new consumers who use similar products, or are near your store or location.


  • GPS tracking identifies and engages consumers in your trade area or as they enter, shop or leave your locations.
  • Target those who stay in the location for a determined amount of time.


  • Solicit immediate feedback during a real-time shopping experience.
  • ▪ Product/service evaluation
    ▪ Competitors’ products
    ▪ Customer service and support experience
    ▪ Unanswered questions
    ▪ Awareness of POP, advertising
    ▪ Store environment, ease of shopping/use
  • Our customized mobile link allows consumers to upload photos and videos during or after their experience.


  • Target “priority” consumer segments via a pre-recruit process. A specific task can be assigned to complete in-store and/or following their store experience (e.g. try or purchase a product/service, find a product, ask customer service specific questions, use the product at home, etc.)
  • Get consumers’ “immediate experience” as opposed to memory recall. This can provide an immediate view of merchandising triggers (e.g. POP, sales staff), sales barriers (product placement, quality, speed) and opportunities for innovation.

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