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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Regularly taking the pulse of your business-customer relationships should be a regular part of evaluating your marketing program's health. Research America's consultants will help you do this through marketing research customer satisfaction surveys.

Our interviewers will help you reach your customers easily, and our experts will analyze your customers' responses to our questions. Our team will produce professional reports to share with your marketing team and others inside your organization who directly impact your customers.

Maintaining healthy relationships with your customer base helps you understand what they think about your company's products and services. Using customer satisfaction surveys is a key method in regularly communicating with your customers, asking questions about their likes and dislikes. Research America's team will collect your customer satisfaction data and provide you with clear, graphically illustrative feedback on pricing, brand image, customer service quality and other aspects of your brand, and offer hands-on guidance in nurturing customer retention strategies and growth.

Regularly asking your customers their opinion about your company demonstrates that you care about them. When you ask what they like, dislike and would like, their answers help you discern what's great about your current line, and where there is room to improve.

What made your customer's experience exceptional? Was there anything about the quality of the transaction that disappointed them? Research America designs short, online customer service feedback surveys to engage your customers after their transactions, helping you find ways to improve every customer's experience. Telephone interviews with a live researcher, or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) surveys can also be used post-purchase to measure opinion after checkout.

Research America makes it easy to share customer satisfaction data with your employees. We will give you the information you need to help your employees understand your customers, and give them insights to help them retain your current customer base and find new ones. Knowing how to improve their relationships with customers will increase your levels of employee engagement, give staff members ownership of their roles and show them exactly how they impact those relationships.

Beyond the simple customer service satisfaction survey, Research America can engage your customers in conversations about the products they love and he items they don't like. Our interviewers can ask them questions about the experiences that influence them to buy, wish list and wait, or shop around for another offer. Your customers like knowing that your company hears and listens to their opinions, and we will design interactive experiences using depth interviewing techniques and focus groups to engage your customers in a deeper level of conversation about your brand.

Research America can send online product use satisfaction and feedback survey invitations to customers who have recently purchased your product or service online. We'll design questions that measure their satisfaction with the product and their shopping, website navigation and customer service experience. Send online product use satisfaction and transaction feedback surveys to customers who have recently purchased from your company using your online services.

Your development team can use Research America's customer satisfaction survey data to analyze your current product lines, evaluate product lifespans, and identify new opportunities and product/ service categories to build upon.

Customer satisfaction surveys help your business keep in touch with your customers, including customers who haven't purchased from you in a while. Research America's surveys help you engage them in conversations where they can suggest new ideas, reward them through incentives and special offers, and discover why they haven't purchased from you recently.

Research America's marketing research consultants help you evolve your strategies as markets and your customers grow and change. We offer a wide array of services to help you investigate whether your products and services offer the right solutions for your customers and can reach even a wider market. Our customer satisfaction surveys will help you connect with your target market and learn what they want and how to sell to them.

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