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PrecisionPoint: A blended quant-qual research model encompassing innovative, real-time and mixed method approaches


  • Remote viewing with video feed
  • Quantitative scores self populate real-time, with statistical differences and/or key data coded
  • Clients can chat to build consensus or ping the moderator for additional probes

    STEP 1

  • Screened, recruited participants
  • Engage in practical, hands-on evaluation (taste test, packaging display, product trial, etc.)
  • Each CLT session is 30 minutes
  • Self-administered / no talking
  • Respondents answer pre-programmed survey questions on tablet

    STEP 2

  • Results captured immediately and analyzed by research team
  • This data can be used to select who to take into the post qualitative discussion
  • Results transmitted to client team throughout the day

    STEP 3

  • Respondents pulled from each quant CLT session to remain for continued focus group discussion
  • Respondents hand-picked based on their individual quant ratings
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